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"The cold becomes tangible, palpable,

soaking the air and halting time,

like a veil that covers everything,

like particles of mist against the light."

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Cencellada is a series entirely intimate and focused on introspection. The key and common elements in all the photographs of this series are easily recognizable, creating a silent symphony of fog, frost, and serenity. Through seemingly minimalist yet detailed images, a peaceful gaze of a dormant, icy, and silent landscape is sought.


The cold, represented by the frost, one of the main protagonists of the series, freezes the moment in time. Every element of the scene is covered by that white frost. The trees, already devoid of their leaves, appear naked, dormant, and frozen in the moment. This conveys a sensation of cold that invites us to retreat, to take shelter, to slow down our gaze.


We also find the fog, which obscures the landscape, masking it. It's like a veil that shrouds in mystery what lies beyond the immediate path. The fog turns a cold and desolate landscape into a world full of secrets, hidden from plain sight.


On the other hand, the water present throughout the series represents the dark background that sometimes peacefully hides, and that we do not see. It's like a mirror reflecting the light of the world, preventing us from seeing its depth beneath its calm waters.


Lastly, an undeniable key element, not visible but represented, is silence. Each photograph portrays a silent and dormant landscape. There is not a single element in the scene that suggests even the slightest sound. This, along with all the aforementioned elements, turns each of the images in this series into an authentic landscape of crystal.

Project Images

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