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There is a constant rumor that immerses me in the unstoppable flow of time, a rumor that resounds in every particle of my body.


My mind, hypnotized by this restful whisper, expands, allowing me to flow, slide, like water between rocks.


I am no longer an isolated body and mind, but a drop in the waterfall that falls free into the void.

Resonance seeks the poetic connection, through imagery, between ourselves as emotional beings, and the water that springs and flows freely from natural sources. It is when we momentarily disconnect our thoughts and unleash our emotions that our mind and body expand beyond limits. In this state, we are more perceptive and intuitive, and even find inspiration more easily. Each of our atoms then vibrates in the same frequency, and becomes part of something greater, with which it is in tune.


The analogy is reflected in the sound of water, always in motion, which characterizes the images in this series. That constant whisper of water, and its vibration, resonates within us as we contemplate a waterfall or stream flowing freely among the rocks.

Project Images

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