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Chasing illusions

Updated: Feb 16

September 2023

Isle of Skye · Scotland, UK. 2023

Gelatin silver print, available in several limited editions and sizes.

"Alas for the one who arrives thirsty

to see the water flow,

and says: the thirst I feel,

is not quenched by drinking!".


                      Antonio Machado


Illusion sprouts in desperation like a ray of light pierces the darkness or like a melody breaks the silence of oblivion.


Sometimes I wonder if I pursue some mystery or just ghosts and illusions. What drives me always beyond the horizon, through the fog and the rays of the sun? What do I tirelessly seek where no one else seems to find anything?


Perhaps they are just that, illusions, or that moment of burning in the chest.


Perhaps illusion is the fuel of this journey.


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