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Roads and Destinations

Updated: Feb 26

February 2023

Torre de Pedabejo · Picos de Europa, national park, Cantabria, Spain. 2018

Silver gelatin print · Limited edition to 30 prints of 10¼ x 10¼ in.

“Woe to the noble pilgrim

who stops to meditate

after the long journey,

on the horror of arriving!”


Antonio Machado, 1875-1939

There is no path longer than the one traveled with the sole purpose of reaching a destination, without dedicating a single moment to observe what is on both sides or what has already been traveled, only to discover, at the end of it, that the important things are already behind.

Keeping only the goal of the summit in our minds as we walk not only leads us to ignore the details of the path but also to pay no attention to the stones that will make us stumble. Shortening our steps and extending our gaze allows us, in addition to having a broader view of the surroundings, to find other paths that, even if they don't lead to the summit we aimed for, may take us to places we never would have thought.

Having clear goals is important, but to get to know them, it is necessary to traverse all the paths and roads.


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